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Wilkinson Chiropractic is the only “Gonstead” technique based chiropractic clinic in the StGeorge and Sutherland Shire regions.  The principal chiropractor and owner is Dr Grant Wilkinson, a former professional athlete for over 12 years who began Wilkinson Chiropractic back in 2001.

After initially working at “Sydney Chiropractic & Injury Rehabilitation Centre” and traveling around Australia in locum and associate positions, Dr Wilkinson decided to build a practice where the patients were the primary focus.

With an array of treatment options and protocols at our disposal and with a vast referral network of various practitioners including massage therapists, acupuncturists, podiatrists, physiotherapists and medical doctors, Wilkinson Chiropractic has become one of the most respected clinics in Sydney with some patients traveling from as far away at Griffith (approx 6hrs drive) and many from across Sydney and Wollongong regions for treatments.

Wilkinson Chiropractic has been established centering on old fashion values of trust and professionalism and that continues on with the clinic motto taken from Dr C.S. Gonstead himself:

“Find it, Accept it, Fix It, Leave It Alone”

Put Simply:

Find It:

Find the source of the problem, not just where the symptoms are present

Accept it:

Accept where you find it.  Sometimes the cause of the problem is not where the patient is feeling the most pain (i.e. sciatica)

Fix it:

Fix the problem to the best of your ability and recognize that some problems require surgical or other intervention.

Leave it Alone:

If a patient doesn’t require treatment then don’t give it to them.  Do not sign them up to a long term treatment plan that they do not need.  Be honest!

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Wilkinson Chiropractic

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